A client who resides in Valparaiso visited the Merrillville office of this insurance agency and asked for my help.

He was an immigrant from Serbia. He brought papers to me and asked me what the papers meant. I have helped this man before this meeting and he remembered that I had helped him previously.

His English was good for speaking, but he did have trouble reading the complex paperwork which comes with medical services and insurance statements. According to the office of one doctor, he owed $6.34. But, I checked with his insurance company. According to the information that Medicare sent the insurance company and the insurance company’s record of payments to the doctor, the balance should have been zero.

I discussed the problem with the man. I explained that the records of the insurance company and the records of the doctor did not match. If I were to fight this bill, I would write to the doctor’s office, explain the discrepancies, and request that the doctor’s office send the bill review information from Medicare to the insurance company. This would allow the insurance company to compare the information that it got from Medicare with the information that the doctor’s office got from Medicare to learn where the problem was.

The client from Valparaiso told me not to bother to do that. He wanted to pay the doctor the extra $6.34 even if he did not owe the doctor that amount because it was just easier. I emphasize again that the client made that decision.

This was a small problem. I have helped to save other clients hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars when there was a medical bill problem caused by Medicare or the VA clinics. In past articles, I have estimated that such Medicare and VA caused bill problems cost senior citizens over a billion of dollars per year in wrongful charges that many senior citizens pay because no one helps them to get the bill corrected.

© 2009 Woodrow Wilcox