By Woodrow Wilcox

“Talk Like Jesus” could be the title of a sermon or a book by a distinguished minister or theologian. But, in this case, it is both the title of a book and the message by a distinguished communications coach who has helped to train network news personalities.

The author Lynn Wilford Scarborough has worked with Paula Zahn, Catherine Crier, and Isaiah Thomas. She has consulted for over two hundred news operations including ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX. She has been involved in over 6,000 training sessions. Also, she is the president of her own company (

Scarborough refers to Jesus as the “MASTER COMMUNICATOR”. She analyzes Jesus’ communication skills and advocates that you “apply the lessons of the most effective speaker of all time to your life and career.”

“Jesus was a brilliant communicator and the techniques that Jesus used can help anyone to be more successful,” the author said. Instead of being published by an evangelical book company, “Talk Like Jesus” was published as a business trade book. “Talk Like Jesus” was published by Phoenix Books (

“Jesus was not a ‘pushover’ if you understand the context of his words,” Scarborough asserted. “He qualified his answers with people. He tested and evaluated the person’s heart before he responded. That is how he connected with people. And in order to communicate, you must ‘connect’,” the author elaborated.

“Talk Like Jesus” is the second book written by author Lynn Wilford Scarborough. Her first book was “Spiritual Moms: An Inspiration Guide for Women of Influence” published by New Hope Publishers (

In her first book, Scarborough challenged women of all ages to “connect” with younger women and become their “spiritual moms”.

“Younger women are eager to have ‘spiritual moms’ in their lives. Elderly women can be a real blessing to younger women by becoming ‘spiritual moms’”, Scarborough concluded.

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