An elderly woman who is a client of this insurance agency phoned me for help with a bill. I recommended that she visit our office and bring any papers that related to her Medicare supplement medical bill problem. The client is from Highland, Indiana.

I reviewed the papers and made several phone calls to the hospital that was billing her and to the insurance company and to Medicare with the client so that she could give her permission to talk to me about her medical bill problem.

The medical bill problem became the medical bill problems during the phone calls. There were two basic problems with the bill from the hospital. In each case, it was a matter of innocent human error.

The first problem was that our client’s insurance company did pay on the bill. It paid exactly what Medicare reported that it should pay. But, Medicare gave the insurance company several addresses for the hospital. The check was not sent to the correct address of the patient accounts department. While I held the phone, the insurance company representative confirmed to me that the check was sent but never cashed. I helped the insurance company to get the correct address for payments. The old uncashed check will be voided and a new check will be sent to the hospital.

The second problem with the bill was that someone at the hospital miscoded the medical service as an allergy treatment and Medicare did not realize that the service to the woman was for serious swelling from a bee sting in an emergency room service. Medicare will pay for that service if it is described and coded correctly. The hospital billing department person with whom I spoke got my point right away and agreed that the bill should be corrected and resubmitted to Medicare. She promised to have that done.

So, I was able to eliminate a medical bill to our client by getting the facts and getting the facts corrected so that Medicare and our client’s Medicare supplement insurance policy would pay all the bill.

After I finished with the client, she said to me, “I never could have done what you did. I did not know the system as well as you knew it.”

My service to this client to eliminate the bill was without any charge. The owners and managers of this insurance agency employ me to help their clients with such medical bill problems in order to demonstrate that they really care about their senior citizen clients. So, I give them the credit for helping this senior citizen lady and everyone else that I help. Does your insurance agent or agency give the same high standard of service to senior citizen clients? If not, why not?

Note: Woodrow Wilcox is the senior medical bill case worker at Senior Care Insurance Services in Merrillville, Indiana. That is one of the largest senior citizen oriented insurance agencies in the Midwest. Woodrow Wilcox has saved clients of that agency over one million dollars by eliminating erroneous medical bills that were caused by mistakes in the Medicare system. For other articles by Wilcox, visit and search “Woodrow Wilcox”.

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