By Woodrow Wilcox

It seems that big media always favors big government. Have you noticed that?

I can’t give you all the reasons why this happens. But, I can think of two very important reasons.

Here is the first reason:

Big media is often related to government industry contractors. Big media news departments are sensitive to this. The owners, managers, and editors reward reporters to steer clear of reporting issues or facts that might be a problem for the big media company’s “sister” corporation(s). But, the reporters are rewarded to report on issues that might hurt the competitors of the “sister” corporations, especially if the “sister” corporation is a government industry contractor.

When I was sixteen years old, I had a conversation with a businessman who sat across the aisle from me on an airplane. Somewhere in that conversation, he told me that NBC was owned by RCA and that RCA was owned by General Electric. I always remembered that.

Years later, I visited an old college friend who had gotten a job at a CBS affiliate television station. The station boasted that it was a Westinghouse station. I always remembered that.

Years later, I remembered these things and wondered about who were the owners of television stations and television networks. I found a website that would tell me and I want to share it with you now. It is That is operated by Columbia Journalism Review.

From time to time, I have visited that site to learn more. Let me give you a little history.

General Electric once had a major or controlling interest in NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC.

Westinghouse once had major or controlling interests in CBS. Then Westinghouse separated its media interests with a new company called Viacom. Check what Viacom owns. Viacom is separate from Westinghouse, now. But, when a company splits, isn’t there always a “good old boys” network between the managers and executives of the two companies? I believe there is – at least for a while.

General Electric, Westinghouse, and some other companies with present or past major electronic media interests are major government industry contractors. Government industry contractors get millions or billions of dollars from federal, state, and other governments. They sell computers, communication systems, and other things to the government. Usually, they don’t want government to get smaller and have lower budgets. They want government to get bigger, have more money to spend, and spend more money with government industry contractors.

This year, 2016, is an election year. Millions of people hate Obamacare because their insurance coverage decreased but their premiums and deductibles increased. Obama and his allies in Congress lied to the public. But, you rarely hear about the views of those angry citizens in the news media, do you? Why? It is because big government industry contractors are making millions more dollars from the government with Obamacare than they were making without Obamacare. To start Obamacare, the government had to buy computers, operating systems, telephonic communications systems, satellite communications time, and much more. Who got the government “Obamacare” money? Much of it went to big government industry contractors. Many of those contractors are “sister” companies of big media companies.

Do you really believe that a political candidate or political group that wants to reduce federal government spending and balance the budget will be treated fairly by a reporter or news organization that is closely tied to a big government industry contractor? I don’t think so! Instead, big media will obey orders to slander and besmirch the reputation of anyone or any group who might threaten the power and profit of big media’s “sister” companies that get millions of dollars from government.

Here is the second reason:

Big media gets big money from pharmaceutical corporations that advertise prescription drugs using big media companies. You’ve seen the commercials for prescription drugs. The announcer recites the list of the drug’s dangers while the TV ad shows happy, smiling people having a wonderful time. It is deceptive advertising and big media gets big bucks from pharmaceutical companies to broadcast that dangerous drugs propaganda.

An elderly woman sat in my office and cried because one of those dangerous drugs caused her husband to “explode” with his blood landing all over the room where he died. If you heard her story about the “side effects” of a very widely advertised drug, you’d join her, me, and others in calling for outlawing big media ads for prescription drugs.

The big media companies that are “sister” corporations of government industry contractors like getting millions of dollars every year from pharmaceutical companies. It helps their “bottom line” and makes the stockholders of big media companies happy with the executives and managers of the big media companies. The well-dressed news announcers enjoy the big salaries that big pharmaceutical companies help to make possible.

What does this have to do with big media prejudice against candidates and causes that are against big, all powerful government? Good question. Here is my answer.

The June 11, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that new information about the push for “Obamacare” revealed that President Obama made a secret “back room” deal with big pharmaceutical companies. In exchange for those big drug companies lobbying Congress to pass the “Obamacare” bill, President Obama agreed that certain language and portions would be inserted into the final version of the bill in order to protect and enhance the big drug companies’ ability to make billions of dollars of extra profit every year at the expense of the average citizens.

Obama put the interests of the big drug companies above the interests of average citizens. That gave pharmaceutical companies a lot more money to buy advertising on big media outlets.

Now, do you see the connections? Big media, big government contractors, big drug companies, and big government work together to defeat anyone who wants our federal government to play by the rules of the Constitution of the United States. These special interests want more power and more profit unto themselves. They do not care about the people. They do not like those who advocate policies that might reduce their power or profit. They will treat unfairly anyone who wants both our constitution and our constitutional rights respected. When they want to get millions more dollars from government, they promote stories in the news that give false and deceptive “reasons” for the need for a new government program. The false reasons are presented as justifications to “help people”. But, the real, unpublished reasons are to put more government money into the wallets of those promoting the new government program. Big media spreads the lies to distract the public’s attention away from the real reasons for another government program.

Now, do you understand why big media favors big government?

The next point that I want to make is that citizens who love our constitution and our constitutional rights can do something about this. Other people may have some good suggestions, too. But, these are my suggestions:
1. Pass a new law or make new regulations that forbid government contractors to have any interest in any electronic media. Force them to sell their media interests at “fire sale” prices.
2. Pass a new law or make new regulations that forbid pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription drugs in any media – print or electronic. This will force the big drug companies to persuade doctors about the benefits and risks of their products. The doctors are in a much better position to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks for their patients. But, a patient asking a doctor about writing a prescription for a certain medicine puts the doctor under some pressure to overlook the risks in order to please the patient. Let’s not put doctors under that pressure.
3. Buy some stock in companies that favor big government. Get their reports. Study the information to find the weak spots in those companies. Then, join with other good citizens to use that knowledge to neutralize those companies and make them stop using their money and influence to promote unlimited big government. Until these companies are neutralized, we should work to shrink their financial ability to harm or fight people who care about our constitution and our constitutional rights. Using outside forces and a “fifth column” in every company that acts like an enemy of the people’s liberty is one of the best ways I can imagine to neutralize the companies that promote and profit from unrestrained big government.

The situation is bad. But, working together, we can change it.

© 2016 Woodrow Wilcox