Consider Alternative Medical Treatments

By Woodrow Wilcox

When I lived in the western United States, I learned about alternative medical treatments from Native American Indians and Europeans. I encourage everyone to learn about alternative medical treatments and consider trying some.

In the west, silver is more plentiful. The American pioneers and Native Americans learned from each other to use silver to help fight diseases. Be cautious here. Too much silver can harm the body. But, in extremely small amounts, it can be helpful.

I learned this when I got a bad cold. A few friends encouraged me to drink some silver water. I had never heard of using silver water to fight a cold or flu. But, I tried it and it worked. It worked very well. So, I told friends and family members about it.

Then, my daughter investigated the use of silver to fight disease and wrote a school paper on it. The phrase “born with a silver spoon in the mouth” comes from the period of the bubonic plague in Europe. Babies and children who sucked on silver spoons did not get the plague. N.A.S.A. uses silver to help purify water for reuse in space. My daughter learned the reason for this. When microscopic particles of silver bump a virus or single cell bacteria that is attacking the body, the silver rips the membrane (skin) of the attacking cell and kills it. The silver does not hunt and attack germs like a drug might. Instead, it just bumps and rips.

One of my Czech friends from Nevada recently encouraged me to start using enzymes. So, I started studying enzyme therapy. It seems that most of the foundational research in enzyme therapy was accomplished by an Austrian American who published his research in both English and German. The Germans readily adopted and expanded on enzyme therapy. But, enzymes are natural substances. Drug manufacturing companies cannot make lots of money from producing and distributing enzymes. Now, throughout Europe, enzyme therapy is very common.

After I had studied enzymes for a while, I got a sinus infection. I tried the enzyme therapy. I got rid of the sinus infection without visiting a doctor or using prescription drugs. I used just enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and an over-the-counter decongestant and pain reliever. It was the first time in my life that I was able to get rid of a sinus infection without visiting a doctor and taking prescription drugs. I saved time and money by using enzyme therapy.

Now, some health food stores are giving away free CDs that explain enzyme therapy. From what I have learned and experienced, I believe that every person over the age of 27 can benefit from learning about and using enzymes to improve health and fight disease.

© 2010 Woodrow Wilcox