By Woodrow Wilcox

If there were no U.S. Constitution, what would restrain elected and appointed officials from making any law or regulation that they wanted in order to give special favor and profit to themselves at the expense of the people?

If there were no first Amendment, the federal government would be free to silence the speech that it disapproved and confiscate the equipment and personnel of every news organization that criticized those in power.

If there were no fourth Amendment, the federal government would be free to arrest someone and keep that person in jail indefinitely without ever having a trial and being forced to prove that the person belongs in jail.

If there were no thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments, the federal government could write a new law or regulation to make African Americans slaves again.

If there were no eighteenth Amendment, women would not have the right to vote.

If there were no twenty first Amendment, it would be difficult or impossible to legally consume an alcoholic beverage with reasonable certainty that it would not kill you.

Some people say that the U.S. Constitution is an old piece of paper that comes from an old and useless idea of the past.

But, James Madison spent months preparing for the meeting to draft the Constitution. He studied the history of government in past civilizations. He was more learned than almost anyone living today. He became the main author of our Constitution.

Some people say that because it was written by only white men that it should be ignored.

But, it was written by the most forward thinking men on the earth at that time. They studied both ancient history about government and they considered their personal experiences with government.

Some say that the constitution can and should be ignored.

But, a politician, judge, or bureaucrat who ignores the constitution is a politician, judge, or bureaucrat who wants to ignore your constitutional rights.

The U. S. Constitution does not declare your rights. It forbids the federal government from disrespecting your rights. The rights enumerated in the constitution are not the only rights that you have. The list of rights in the constitution simply specifically names the natural rights that you have which experience proved are likely to be violated by the federal government at some time.

Every elected and appointed official and every employee of the federal, state, or local governments must swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

If a person who takes that oath then ignores the Constitution of the United States, what does that make that person? Doesn’t it make that person a liar for taking the oath and breaking it? Doesn’t it make that person a thief for taking a wage or salary from the public treasury on the dishonest pretense of swearing that oath to our Constitution? Doesn’t it make that person a traitor for lying to make the oath and then not fulfilling the duty of the oath but even cooperating with others who want to disregard and destroy our Constitution?

Now, I hope that you can say with me, “Our Constitution still matters!”

© 2012 Woodrow Wilcox