Some are calling for an investigation of whether Russia tried to influence our 2016 elections.

Some of the founding fathers of our nation warned that foreigners would try to influence our elections and our policies. So, no foreign attempts to influence our elections and policies should be ignored.

But, in 2008, I published a report which suggested that China was spending hundreds of millions of dollars to influence that election for Obama. The main stream media ignored my report. In August 2016, I updated that report with more information.

Any investigation of foreigners trying to influence our election should be expanded to investigate all attempts by all foreign interests – including China and Mexico.

Anyone interested can search “China influencing American elections, Woodrow Wilcox” on the internet to find the most current article that I wrote on this matter (with a video interview of a witness regarding Chinese influencing of the election of 2008).

Woodrow Wilcox

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