By Woodrow Wilcox

Some people want Mitt Romney and his allies in Congress to give details of their ideas to replace Obamacare.

Why should they? Obama and his allies in Congress didn’t give the public details of their ideas for health care reform. Remember that Nancy Pelosi said that not even Members of Congress would be told what was in the Obamacare bill until after it was passed.

In 2008, Obama promised that he would practice transparency in government. He lied. He delivered exactly the opposite by making lots of “back room” deals to get Obamacare passed.

The June 11, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that new information about the push for Obamacare reveals that Obama made a “back room” deal with major prescription drug companies. In exchange for those big drug companies lobbying for Obamacare, Obama agreed to some special provisions in the Obamacare bill that would enrich the big drug companies at the expense of the general public that needs and buys prescription drugs.

Obama is a “back room” deals President. Romney simply needs to remind voters that Obama and his allies Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would not listen to the public and did not let the Congress and the public read and comment on the final Obamacare bill before the Congress voted on it. It was the most secretive and undemocratically passed law in American history.

Romney and the Anti-Obamacare Democrats and Republicans simply need to assure voters that after Obamacare is repealed, they will invite the public to help shape a new health care reform law that will be openly debated and that will make much more sense than Obamacare does.

© 2012 Woodrow Wilcox