END OF THE SPEAR Movie Suggestion

By Woodrow Wilcox

A few weeks ago, a friend shared some statistics with me which revealed that a high percentage of morning and afternoon movie theater patrons are senior citizens. Senior citizens seem to like traveling to and from theaters during daylight hours. Attending a movie brings fond memories and makes many senior citizens feel good.

Whether you are a senior citizen or not, I suggest that you view the movie “End Of The Spear”. It was released earlier this year. To learn more about the movie and where it will be shown, visit www.endofthespear.com.

I learned of the movie by meeting and hearing Steve Saint talk about it. Steve Saint helped with the production of the movie that is based on real life experiences of his family. In 1956, Steve Saint’s father and four other missionaries were murdered by a group of Amazon Indians who felt threatened by the strangers in their jungle.

But, when the Amazon Indian tribe learned the real reason for the missionaries’ visit, they apologized to the victims’ families and those families forgave the Indians. Since then, deep friendships have developed between the Indian tribe and the relatives of the murdered missionaries.

Personally, I find a story about forgiveness and friendship to be quite refreshing in a world where every day I am bombarded with news reports of people killing each other because of differences of religion, race, or other reasons. No matter what your religious preference, if you like stories of hope, I believe that you will like this movie.

Also, Steve Saint showed a very funny video clip about his visit to New York City with one of the Amazon Indian men who had killed his father. The Indian talked Steve Saint into going to New York’s Central Park to hunt squirrels and birds with poison dart blow guns. It was quite comical to watch these two men walk through the streets of New York City while carrying six foot long blow guns and not getting stopped by any police officers.

They did not kill any animals at the park because the person handling the camera told them to stop when a park ranger was spotted in the area. I hope that some TV talk shows invite Steve Saint onto programs to show that clip and talk about the remarkable story that allowed his heart to heal enough to become a close friend of a man who helped to kill his father. I believe that the story and the movie can encourage many people with hurting hearts so that their hearts can heal, too.

© 2006 Woodrow Wilcox