On August 2, 2016, the front page of the local newspaper in my area had a picture and a story about Evan Bayh running for the U.S. Senate. The story quoted Evan Bayh as saying, “I’m about results over partisanship. Washington needs Hoosier common sense more than ever.”

My response to that quote is, “Evan Bayh lies!”

Before Obamacare was passed, Dr. Stephen Fraser of Indianapolis studied the Commerce Committee’s version of the Obamacare law and sent then Senator Evan Bayh a lengthy letter describing many faults and problems with the bill. Evan Bayh ignored the letter and voted the party line.

In 2010, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would not allow time for senators and congressmen to read the final version of the Obamacare law before voting on it. Voting for a law without reading it first is like signing a contract without reading it first. That is not “Hoosier common sense.” It is as though Evan Bayh ignored the voters’ interests to have a good law and deliberately voted for a bad law. Evan Bayh ignored the voters and voted the party line.

In 2010, when Evan Bayh knew that the Obamacare law would enrich a certain insurance company with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars while at the same time his wife sat on the board of directors of the parent company of that insurance company, Evan Bayh voted to give those hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to his “wife’s insurance company”. That seems more like HOOSIER CORRUPTION than HOOSIER COMMON SENSE.

If you doubt what I’m telling you here, search the internet for stories and videos about Dr. Stephen Frasier’s letter to Evan Bayh and the HUNDREDS OF millions of dollars that Evan Bayh’s “wife’s insurance company” got because the Obamacare law was passed. To get you started on that search, here are a few choice links with either stories or videos.



Read the article “INDY DOCTOR WARNED BAYH”

and watch the interviews of Dr. Fraser at