I believe that big money from foreigners is pouring into our country to defeat President Trump.  Here is a partial list of why. 

            In 2008 and 2009, Newsmax published several articles in which they exposed the fact that money was pouring into the Obama campaign from credit cards from foreign bank accounts with fake names like “Daffy Duck” and other cartoon characters. 

            In 2000, I took a temporary job in Las Vegas for phoning people to take a “survey”.  I soon realized that the “survey” was to push “environmentalist” propaganda into the ears of American voters.  Then, I learned that each night, the results of the “survey” were emailed to Chinese nationals in Canada.  I quit that job.  I would not help spy or spread propaganda sponsored by foreigners.  I contacted news media about this connection, but no one wanted to report it. 

            In 2008, I covered polling places as a reporter.  In one place, I learned that an American who owned a business in China was campaigning for Obama at a polling place in Gary, Indiana.  I learned that the businessman had worked for the “ACORN” group and had raised money in the U.S. for the Obama campaign. 

            I posted an interview on YouTube® of the man who reported these facts.  You can find that interview at this link: The Acorn and China Connection:  

            Think about it.  The American with a business in China did business with the Chinese government and he did business with a Chinese bank controlled by the Chinese government.  If the Chinese government kept giving him money through a Chinese bank’s credit card, the American could campaign in the U.S. for Obama indefinitely.  If the Chinese government used a thousand American “businessmen” in this way and gave each of them five million dollars to spend in the last three months of a campaign, the Chinese government would have poured five billion dollars into the Obama campaign in 2008.  I don’t believe that money would show up in a campaign money report because it was money from Chinese bank credit cards. 

            When I was a teenager on a flight, I befriended a businessman who explained to me that government contractors used their ownership or affiliation with media companies like NBC and CBS to attack and smear any political leader who wanted to cut taxes or spend money in a way that might hurt the big government contractors that were connected with the big media companies. 

            What if a foreign government made deals with the sister corporations of big media companies or big media companies directly?  What if a requirement of these deals was that political leaders who threatened the interests of the foreign government would be attacked and smeared?  I believe that is what we are witnessing in the 2020 election campaign.  That is why I urge the President to start investigating the campaign money trail.  I believe it will lead to some Americans who are acting as agents of foreign governments.  Isn’t that illegal? 

© Woodrow Wilcox 2020