Helpful Community Spirit at Senior Care Insurance Services

By Woodrow Wilcox

Fred Ulayyet runs Senior Care Insurance Services in Merrillville, Indiana. He encourages a community spirit of helpfulness in his office and among his staff. Free literature from other organizations that help senior citizens is available at the office.

In May, Domingo Vega, an agent with Senior Care Insurance Services, spoke at a meeting of an Alzheimer support group in Rensselaer. In June, Woodrow Wilcox spoke to a meeting of a Knights of Columbus lodge in Merrillville about reviewing Medicare Summary Notice statements.

In 2003, Fred Ulayyet and Senior Care Insurance Services published a brochure about Patient Assistance Programs of various prescription drug companies which allow low income patients to get the medicines that they need for free or for a small handling fee. To get a copy of that brochure, simply visit Senior Care Insurance Services at 7998 Broadway in Merrillville, or call the office at 219-736-9450 to request a “patient assistance programs” brochure to be mailed to you.

Copies of the senior citizen catalog “CARE MATTERS” are available at no charge at the Senior Care Insurance Services office. The publication gives information on services and agencies that can help with the care of senior citizens in northwest Indiana. The publication was started by Ron Holeway who grew up in Griffith. He was in California, but wanted to help his elderly mother in Griffith. Then, he decided to share his research with others by publishing “CARE MATTERS”. You can get a free copy of “CARE MATTERS’ by calling (219) XXX-XXXX or by visiting

The property tax crisis in Lake County has caused many senior citizens to seek ways to make more money to pay both their property taxes and their health costs. So, the staff at Senior Care Insurance Services recommends that senior citizens check on a free jobs program managed by the AARP Foundation. It is the Senior Community Service Employment Program (S.C.S.E.P.). The local office is at 6111 Harrison Street, Suite 306, in Merrillville. The Project Director is Leona Stasko, and the phone number is 219-980-2723.

To help more people, Fred Ulayyet started another division of the company called Health Care Insurance Services. That division helps people who are under 65 years of age with health and life insurance needs. Health Care Insurance Services helps to set up small group insurance plans, too.

To contact either Senior Care Insurance Services or Health Care Insurance Services, call 219-736-9450 or 800-821-0604.

© 2005 Woodrow Wilcox