By Woodrow Wilcox

Face it. You won’t live forever. When you are gone, let your life story be a treasure for your family.

A good videographer can help you tell your life story with an interview of you mixed with pictures and other items that relate to your story.

Grandchildren especially like DVDs of their grandparents’ life stories. Some grandchildren have faint memories of when their grandparents were healthy, active, and fun. In many cases, all that a grandchild can remember is a grandparent who is ill or dying.

Your knowledge, your life experiences, and your stories belong with your family. Pass along those family treasures even after you have passed away.

To find a good videographer, visit www.weva.com. That is the website of the Wedding and Events Videographer Association. WEVA members are pledged to the highest professional standards in videography service.

Every year at the annual WEVA convention, there are classes for members on how to make life story videos more meaningful and affordable for clients and their families. On the opening web page of www.weva.com, there is a link marked “FIND A VIDEOGRAPHER” which will help to locate a WEVA member in your area.

Someday, you will be gone. Don’t let your life story pass away with you. Do your family a favor by hiring a professional videographer to help you to preserve your life story. A life story video makes a great gift during holidays or any time of year.

© 2007 Woodrow Wilcox