During high school, Woodrow Wilcox won two awards for his writing for the high school news bureau. Also, he represented his high school for the weekly news show “Calumet Area High School News” on WCAE-TV in Saint John, Indiana.

In college, Wilcox studied journalism as a minor and was admitted into Sigma Delta Chi – The Society of Professional Journalists.

Wilcox used his journalism training to help small businesses, community organizations, labor unions, and right to life groups to gain valuable publicity in the news.

From 2003 through 2010, Woodrow Wilcox was a regular columnist in LABOR NEWS when it was published from Indianapolis.

Since 2006, Woodrow Wilcox has been a volunteer publicist for Lake County Right To Life in Lake County, Indiana.

Since 2003, Woodrow Wilcox has written a weekly column about problems that senior citizens have with Medicare, Obamacare, and other matters. Wilcox never charged newspapers to use his articles. His articles have been used by publications in many states.

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