I’m a Democrat. Whom should I believe? The president of the Teamsters says that Obamacare will destroy millions of jobs. Obamacare supporters say it won’t. Somebody’s lying.

I hear friends and others complain about skyrocketing insurance premiums because of Obamacare. It is hurting working Americans. Its systems aren’t working yet. Obama is giving exemptions to big businesses, but not working Americans. What an elitist jerk he is!

Most Americans want everyone to be treated fairly and as equally as possible. But, Obama, Reid, and Democrats in Congress don’t want that. They act like elitists who want special treatment for themselves, their staffers, and their big business donor friends.

As I understand it, the Republicans in the House want only three things: (1) That the President, Members of Congress, and their staffers lose the privilege of health insurance subsidies and must live with Obamacare just like ordinary people; (2) That the start of Obamacare be pushed back for a year to allow for smooth transitions; (3) That the budget for Obamacare be reduced while it is relatively dormant during that year. All these are reasonable positions which demonstrate concern and respect for the average citizen.

Obama, Reid, and other Democrats in the Congress seem to want to go into the 2014 election year with the Democratic Party pegged as the party that supports and defends irrational, greedy elitism for themselves and their donor friends.

Woodrow Wilcox
Griffith, Indiana