By Woodrow Wilcox

Limit taxes. Why? Because if you don’t limit taxes, there will be no limit to the taxes that you are forced to pay. Politicians and bureaucrats will invent and create purported reasons and emergencies to justify more taxes. The politicians and bureaucrats want to increase the money that they can spend so that they can present themselves as heroes to whomever they want. The more taxes that they can raise and spend, the greater their feelings of self importance.

In the DARK AGES of Europe, there was no limit to the “taxes”. The King told the noblemen how much food or money he wanted and the noblemen told the serfs how much food, money, and labor to give in order to meet the King’s demands. There was no appeal available for the serfs. They either did what they were told or they were kicked off the land of their home or arrested and tortured.

It was the DARK AGES of Europe. The working people did not have a right to the fruit of their labor. The royal classes – the GOVERNMENT CLASSES – could demand whatever they wanted from the working people – the serfs, shopkeepers, craftsmen, and farmers.

Then, the idea that government should be limited came with the period of enlightened reason. But, you can not have limited government without limiting what government can tax and spend. If you don’t limit what government can tax and spend, then the GOVERNMENT CLASS will tax and spend whatever amounts their imagination can justify to bring more wealth and power to the GOVERNMENT CLASS.

If the power to tax and spend is not limited, the GOVERNMENT CLASS will demand so much from the working people that the GOVERNMENT CLASS will drive the community, the state, the nation, or whatever territory into a modern version of THE DARK AGES.

If you don’t believe me, just look at what the GOVERNMENT CLASS has done to Gary, Hammond, East Chicago, and Lake County, Indiana.

That is why I am for a state law or a State Constitution amendment which limits property taxes to no more than one percent of the market value of the property. Also, every appeal should be judged by three licensed private assessors. The owner of the property should name and pay for one assessor on the panel. The occupier (renter or leasing party) should name and pay for one assessor on the panel. The County Assessor or Township Assessor should name and pay for one assessor on the panel.

In this way, the value of property will be closer to reality than GOVERNMENT CLASS imagination. Many people have told me that the property assessment appeals process in Lake County is unfair because of the unrealistic assessments of property made by GOVERNMENT CLASS mentality people who want to raise a certain amount of taxes. These GOVERNMENT CLASS people want to raise and collect tax money so badly that they do not want honest facts or reality to confuse them.

© 2007 Woodrow Wilcox