Medicare Part D Help Available

By Woodrow Wilcox

Medicare Part D is the new prescription medicine program that starts January 1, 2006. The time for initial enrollment in Medicare Part D is November 15, 2005 to May 15, 2006. There are financial penalties for not enrolling in a timely manner.

Medicare Part D help is available at Senior Care Insurance Services. Senior Care Insurance Services helps people all over northwest Indiana. You do not need to be a current client of Senior Care Insurance Services in order to get help with Medicare Part D.

“No one who has a Medicare Supplement insurance policy needs to cancel or switch their current policy. You can have a Medicare Supplement policy with one company and have a Medicare Part D plan with another company. Think of the new Medicare Part D as a separate insurance policy that protects the family against high drug costs in the future,” Fred Ulayyet explained. Fred Ulayyet is the senior insurance agent at Senior Care Insurance Services.

“There are a variety of insurance companies offering a variety of Medicare Part D plans. But, most of the insurance companies that Senior Care Insurance Services represents offer Medicare Part D plans with no annual deductible, low monthly premiums, and co-pays as low as $4,” Fred Ulayyet said.

Domingo Vega, another insurance agent at Senior Care Insurance Services added, “Don’t be misled. You do not need to terminate or switch your existing Medicare Supplement coverage in order to obtain Medicare Part D. These two policies are independent of each other. Your present Medicare supplement insurance policy can stay in place. The only change is that senior citizens on Medicare Part A and Part B can now enroll in Medicare Part D.”

Another insurance agent at Senior Care Insurance Services is Omar Estwani. He stated, “Medicare Part A and Part B cover hospital and doctor services. Beginning January 1, 2006, Medicare Part D will help in paying prescription drugs. Medicare Part D is intended to provide reliable, affordable access to prescription drugs for those who are enrolled. Anyone with Medicare Part A and Part B can enroll in Medicare Part D, regardless of income or resources”

Senior Care Insurance Services is located at 7998 Broadway in Merrillville, just north of U.S. 30. The phone numbers are 219-736-9450 and 800-821-0604.

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