In 1979, I wrote my doctoral research paper on guns and violent crime.  I chose that subject after my grandfather was murdered and I was almost murdered.

            Guns are no more the cause of violent behavior than cars are the cause of deadly accidents or intentional homicide.  The person in control of the machine uses it as a tool for good or evil.

            Culture and mental attitude about violence are more of a causal connection than guns.  Individual culture and group culture vary in the degree of violent behavior normalized.

            In 1979, statistics that I cited showed that Mexico’s homicide rate was 250% the homicide rate in the U.S.A.  An individual or family could have a violence culture or mindset which is lower or higher than a national average.  But, screening people from a country with a more violent culture is important to protecting our country and people.

            Boiling water added to freezing water will raise the temperature of the previously freezing water.  Adding people from a country with more violent tendencies is likely to increase violent behaviors in a less violent country.

            There is a connection with use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, too.  My grandfather was murdered by someone who was on FDA approved anti-depressant drugs.  A drug abusing person shot the congresswoman from Tucson, the movie theater patrons in Colorado, the night club patrons in Orlando, the students at the high school in Florida, the students and teachers at a school in Connecticut, the students at Virginia Tech, the patrons at a mall in Oregon, the music fans in Las Vegas, and other incidents.

            Drugs and gangs are usually associated with high crime and murder rates in cities like Chicago and Baltimore.  Strict gun control in these cities does not reduce violent crime. In fact, strict gun control may increase violent crime because it makes the average citizen helpless like sheep against armed wolves.  Check the book MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME by John R. Lott, Jr. for a good discussion of this factual tendency.

            There are many people and things that share blame for shootings.  Drugs and alcohol abusers and other people with a high propensity to be violent will use guns, vehicles, knives, hammers, and other things to kill.  People who want to get rid of guns are ignoring important facts.  Their minds are made up.  They don’t want to be confused by the facts.

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