By Woodrow Wilcox

For years I have written articles that warned people about the dangers of having the federal government run the nation’s health care system. If that happens, the federal government will treat everyone as badly as the federal government has treated senior citizens and veterans for years.

For years, I have told people about the mistakes, the frauds, and the breakdowns of the health care systems that are run by the federal government – Medicare and the VA medical service.

For years, I have told people about the communication errors between Medicare and the VA, and between Medicare and insurance companies and medical service providers which cost senior citizens lots of money. In past articles I have explained my calculations which lead to estimates of loss to our senior citizens in the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR.

Today, (May 19, 2009), I got an email from a veteran which highlights one of the many problems in federal healthcare systems that are run by federal bureaucrats. In this man’s case, the billing system of the VA failed to advise Medicare and the man’s Medicare supplement insurance company of charges for services to the veteran. Claims must be filed within 15 months to Medicare. When the claims are not filed properly and in a timely manner, neither Medicare nor the Medicare supplement insurance company will pay. That leaves the veteran paying bills that the veteran should not have to pay.

In past articles, I have warned that this failure of the Medicare – VA system has the potential to cost every senior citizen veteran over one thousand dollars per year. Below this paragraph, without identification of the author, is an excerpt from the email that I got from a senior citizen veteran who has been cheated by the federal government. Why does this happen? Because federal government employees don’t have any “skin in the game”! Most of the time, it is much easier for me to work with private insurance company employees to solve an insured client’s problems. Why? Because, the private insurance companies have “skin in the game”.

Now, here is the excerpt from the email from the frustrated veteran.

“I am contacting you with regard to my co-insurer, Mutual of Omaha and the Veterans Administration billing department. Essentially, for the longest time (perhaps years) the VA failed to bill my co-insurer. Their record keeping system must be a mess because time after time I provided them information which apparently they did not document. The result was that I paid the charges.”

© 2009 Woodrow Wilcox