By Woodrow Wilcox

Open borders allow illegal immigrants to easily cross our borders. Also, open borders allow criminals on both sides of the border to easily network and cooperate for their profit. That often leads to sex slavery of young women – including Mexican women.

On January 20, 2017, I attended a fundraiser to fight human trafficking in Hobart, Indiana. I was invited by the group’s leader Len Reynolds who is an acquaintance of Vice President Mike Pence.

The main speaker was Carlos Rodriguez, a retired police officer and private detective with Operation Restoring Innocence ( which is based in Chicago.

During his presentation, Carlos Rodriguez told how the detectives at that organization got started with rescuing young women from “human trafficking” which I believe should be called “sex slavery”. He said that a family from Mexico asked the detectives to find their daughter who had been kidnapped and taken to the U.S. That is how the detectives got involved in rescuing young women from sex slavery.

It’s not just Mexican women who are exploited. Girls as young as 12 are lured and kidnapped for sex slavery in the U.S. Many drug dealers and gangsters must be able to run away at a moment’s notice. So, they don’t have wives and stable family lives. But, they want sex. So, criminal organizations enslave young women to sell sex to the criminals. Each young woman who is made a sex slave can bring a criminal organization profits of over $250,000.

Often, the women are forced to take drugs to weaken them physically and mentally so that they are unable to resist their slave masters. If they try to run and are recaptured, they are beaten as runaway slaves were beaten in the past.

Once a young woman becomes a sex slave, statistics cited by Carlos Rodriguez indicate that the young female slave will live only another seven years. The sex slave masters do not provide adequate food and health care to the young women. She may die of disease or malnourishment. She may be beaten or forced to have an abortion. Or, she may die in a fire because many sex slaves are “chained” to pipes or other objects in the places where they are kept.

Everyone who supports open borders is supporting the conditions which allow sex slavery to flourish and more young women from south of the border to be stolen from their families.

The people who oppose sex slavery and the open borders that help it thrive are the modern day abolitionists.

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© Woodrow Wilcox 2017