On April 14, 2016, I wrote a letter to the chief executive officer of a major insurance company to ask him to stop using foreign based firms for customer service or claims payment transfers. With some editing to avoid harming a good company that made a bad mistake, here is the letter.

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The purpose of this letter is to protect the senior citizen clients that both our firms serve and to protect the reputations of both our firms.

Our agency sells Medicare related insurance policies from your firm. Over the past 18 months, I have had to deal with a growing number of medical bill problems of our clients who have a policy with your firm. Your firm would pay claims through an electronic funds transfer (EFT) company. But, many of the payments did not get to the medical billing service of the medical service provider. The money that your firm tried to send to pay the medical bills of clients never got to the intended payees.

At first, I thought that the medical billing firm was being negligent or fraudulent in their bookkeeping. But, today, I learned that the EFT firm that you use is based offshore in the Philippines.

In the past, I have written articles about how using an offshore firm for any customer service puts Americans at risk of identity theft. If even one employee or officer of a foreign firm steals information or does not protect computers from hacking, thousands or millions of clients could become victims of identity theft. This is especially hard on senior citizens because their life savings are at risk of theft. Your senior citizen clients who buy Medicare related insurance from your firm trust your firm to be protective of their personal information.

If a person in a foreign country commits a crime, how can local, state, or federal law enforcement officials in our country find and punish the foreigner in another country? It would be nearly impossible and extremely expensive. It would be much safer to use customer service firms that use only American based locations and employees if your firm wants to protect its customers’ identities. Also, if you use an EFT firm in the U.S., it would be much easier to find and punish an employee, officer, or firm that took your firm’s money for claims payments and never delivered it to medical service providers. I can provide you examples of specific cases where this might be happening while you are using the foreign based EFT firm.

Please, stop using the foreign located firms that offer you service. I believe it is dangerous for your firm and for the senior citizen clients that I’m sure you want to serve well.

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Note: Woodrow Wilcox helps seniors to fight mistakes and fraud in Medicare related medical bills. He wrote the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$.

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