By Woodrow Wilcox

In the last few months, I frequently visited Hebron, Indiana. Whenever I was there at supper time, I visited Suzy’s Diner. It never was disappointing.

Suzy’s Diner is decorated with 1950’s memorabilia. The booths and tables are of a 1950’s fashion. Also, 1950’s music plays as you visit and dine.

Usually, I have the special of an all beef hot dog with fries and a drink for $4.99 because it is served quickly and I usually have to eat and run. But, on September 24, 2015, I decided to try the personal pan pizza and drink special.

I was pleasantly surprised. The personal pan pizza was larger than personal pan pizzas that I had tried at other restaurants. The taste was great, too. I asked to talk to the pizza maker so that I could compliment the chef. I met “Mr. Suzy” the husband of the owner. I told him that the personal pan pizza tasted better than any personal pan pizza that I had tasted in years. He told me that the dough and sauce are made from scratch with a secret recipe that only Suzy’s Diner has.

The atmosphere, the food, and the wait staff at Suzy’s Diner are great. If you want to visit on a very special night, Wednesday nights are “cruise night” and many people with vintage cars visit to brag about their cars and enjoy the food and company at Suzy’s Diner in Hebron, Indiana.

© 2015 Woodrow Wilcox