By Woodrow Wilcox

The Obamacare disaster has hurt the Democratic Party. It has seriously damaged the credibility of the anti-constitution socialist wing of that party. I believe that this presents an excellent opportunity for Democrats who love and respect our constitution and every citizen’s constitutional rights to retake the leadership of the Democratic Party.

I challenge members of the Democratic Party who don’t like the current direction that the current leaders have taken the Democratic Party to start working to take leadership of the party away from the extremist left wing of the party.

I’m not telling you that it will be easy. But, nothing that is important and valuable is ever easy. By not being involved in party leadership affairs, we have allowed the sinister left wing extremists to take over the leadership of the Democratic Party. I call them sinister extremists because they pushed through the Obamacare bill without ever allowing the Members of Congress or the voters to read the final version of the bill. The voters were never allowed to be involved in reviewing the bill and advising their elected representatives about what they thought of the bill or what changes should be made in the bill. In other words the left wing extremists in the leadership of the Democratic Party demonstrated that they didn’t care about what the public thought and they didn’t really believe in democratic principles in government.

These left wing extremists in the Democratic Party think that they are so smart, so special, and so correct that they will not stand to listen or consider the views of others who may disagree with them. They are egocentric elitists. In simple terms, they believe that they are the “royal” citizens and that they should not have to be bothered with what the “commoners” think or believe.

In the 1930’s a similar battle for leadership of the Democratic Party occurred. Franklin Roosevelt led the group that wanted to “wink” at the Constitution and ignore anything in it which hindered Roosevelt’s political agenda. Alfred Smith, the Governor of New York, was the leader of the Democrats who wanted the constitution and everyone’s constitutional rights to be respected at all times. As President, Roosevelt had the upper hand for opposing the Al Smith Democrats and spreading suspicion of their motives.

Now, the left wing anti-constitution extremists in the Democratic Party are vulnerable. I believe that it is time for the pro-constitution “Al Smith” Democrats to start to retake the Democratic Party.

Another term for the “Al Smith” Democrats might be the “Reagan” Democrats. Ronald Reagan successfully communicated to these Democrats that he cared about the constitution, everyone’s constitutional rights, and all Americans whether investors or workers. Reagan was not a “country club, eastern establishment” Republican.

In each major political party there are divisions among the party members. In the Republican Party, it is the “Reagan” Republicans versus the “country club, eastern establishment” Republicans. In the Democratic Party, it is the anti-constitution Democrats versus the pro-constitution Democrats.

Many people can be members of either political party. It often depends on how they feel about the local politics and the local leaders. My father was a Democrat who left the Democratic Party because he could not stand to be around the fascist leaning leaders of the Democratic Party in Lake County, Indiana. My father always considered himself a Jeffersonian Democrat who belonged to the Republican Party. My father was frustrated because he could not convince his father that the leaders of the local Democratic Party did not believe in the principles of Thomas Jefferson. My grandfather and many other good people in the Democratic Party have been tricked into supporting candidates that they would not support if the candidates were honest and told the voters what they really believed and what they really want to do.

My father was a good man and he did what he thought was best for him in his lifetime. I do not question or criticize my father’s decision to leave the Democratic Party. But, I believe I have a bit of my mother in me because I am more of a fighter than my father was. I cannot stand the idea that the political party that was started by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the two men who were the chief writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, should be led by people who are communists, fascists, Nazis, and a sordid collection of sinister socialists who are egomaniacal elitists who believe that only their ideas and goals are important. Socialists believe that they should rule and that other people should obey without question. Socialists of all stripes have shed more innocent blood throughout the world than any other group of people in history. These are not the type of people who should lead the Democratic Party. They don’t even believe in democratic principles for government.

A good example of this is the passage of the Obamacare law. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the elitist leaders of the Democratic Party in the Congress, would not let Members of Congress read the final version of the bill before they voted on it. Remember that Nancy Pelosi publicly stated that the Members of Congress could learn what was in the bill after they voted for it. This did not even give the public the opportunity to read the final version of the bill and consult with their elected representatives on how to vote on the matter. That is proof positive that the current left wing extremist leaders of the Democratic Party DO NOT BELIEVE IN DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES FOR GOVERNMENT!

Even though I have talked about the Democratic Party strongly, I understand that it should die if it cannot be reformed to be a pro-constitution party. The pro-constitution people in both major parties should work together to check and defeat the pro-elitist elements in each major party. The elitists have been working together to defeat the pro-constitution commoners in each party for a very long time. It is time that the pro-constitution citizens recognize this and adopt this clever strategy in reverse against the elitists.

Neither political party is more important than our constitution and our constitutional rights. Some of my Republican Party friends recognize my devotion to constitutional liberty and refer to me as a “Jackson” Democrat. But, for some of our citizens, the term “Jackson” Democrat communicates a support for slavery or oppression of Native Americans. I believe that a better brand for Democrats like me is the term “Al Smith” Democrats and I encourage my friends in the Republican Party to refer to me in that way.

Many good people in the Democratic Party would not support the current left wing extremists in the leadership of the Democratic Party if they knew what the beliefs and goals of those leaders really were. They have been blinded by those who control the news and educational media in the U.S. Many of those who control this media are people who make their money by contracting their services with the federal government either as employees or stockholders of the various entities. In other words, they get a lot of money from the federal government and they don’t want to lose that cash flow. They will oppose any person or group that wants to reduce federal spending because such a reduction might lead to a loss of money for them. They value money more than liberty. I hope that they do go broke. Let’s help them by taking over the major media or by eliminating them through competition. So, I urge all liberty loving Americans to help those who are trying to wrestle control of the news and educational media from the anti-constitution elitists.

Anyone who alarms the elitists can be expected to be attacked with all manner of false and slanderous accusations. That is even more true for a Democrat such as I. Believe me. I have experienced it. Toughen up. Winning the American Revolution against elitists was not easy and winning America back to constitutional liberty will not be easy.

The elitists who have attacked me in the past have often accused me of being a right-wing Republican in disguise. I have shocked and disappointed them when I have told them my background.

I was an elected Democratic Party precinct committeeman and I won that office unopposed in my community. I was an elected Democratic Party state convention delegate and I won that office unopposed in my community. I was a “point man” in a labor union organizing drive.

I was the first person to stage a political demonstration at Walt Disney World without being arrested. In 1991, President George H. W. Bush visited a Points of Light Foundation award ceremony at Walt Disney World. I demonstrated with a sign which read, “President Bush: How can you see a thousand points of light but be blind to a million points of misery? Extend unemployment benefits now!” My demonstration got some news media attention. A few weeks later, President Bush signed an extension of unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. I just did my little part to make that happen.

Around 1980, I joined the American Civil Liberties Union. I became a member of the central screening committee of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union. I joined because I wanted to fight against unconstitutional racial and religious discrimination. My maternal grandfather was denied a job with the U.S. postal service because he was part Native American Indian. When I went through Army training at Fort Riley, several people, including officers, discriminated against me and ridiculed me for being part Jewish.

I care about our constitution and about everyone’s constitutional rights. In the past, some groups have disrespected the constitutional rights of blacks, “Indians”, Jews, or others. The current left wing extremists in leadership in the Democratic Party have stood for disrespecting the constitutional rights of prolife citizens, tea party constitutionists, and any person or group that is called patriot or conservative.

Disrespect for our constitution or the constitutional rights of any of our citizens is a low road which will lead our country to destruction and the dust heap of history. I choose not to take that road. The high road is to respect our Constitution and the constitutional rights of everyone. It is the road which I want the Democratic Party to take now and forever.

© 2013 Woodrow Wilcox