On April 28, 2016, a client visited our Merrillville office with a medical bill problem. She got a bill for $857 with a letter that told her that her insurance refused to pay anything on the bill. The client is from Schererville, Indiana.

Her insurance agent brought her to my office and asked me to help her. I reviewed the letter and bill and began to work with the client to investigate what had caused a problem.

In our phone call to Medicare we discovered the problem. Medicare never updated her file since she retired three months earlier. She even went to the local Social Security office to hand deliver the form from her employer to show that she would no longer be covered by the employer’s health insurance plan. Medicare was supposed to become her primary insurer on January 29, 2016. But, when we called on April 28, Medicare still had not updated her file. That is what caused the claim to be denied. Medicare thought that she still was on the former employer’s health insurance policy.

We got Medicare to start correcting its records. The process takes ten to fifteen days. I wrote a letter to the medical firm that sent the bill for $857 and explained what had happened. Medicare caused the problem, not our client or her insurance company. In the letter, I asked the medical firm to refile the claim after May 15. When that is done, I am confident that our client’s bill will be paid by Medicare and her Medicare supplement insurance company. Thus, I was able to save our client $857.

All the help that I gave this client was FREE OF CHARGE. This insurance agency distinguishes itself from others by “going the extra mile” for our clients. Does your insurance agent give this high level of service to senior citizen clients? If not, why not?

Note: Woodrow Wilcox is the senior medical bill case worker at Senior Care Insurance Services in Merrillville, Indiana. He has saved clients of that insurance agency over one million dollars by fighting mistakes and fraud in the Medicare system. He wrote the book, SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$.

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