By Woodrow Wilcox
Barack Obama claims that special interest groups oppose his health care reform plan. Maybe lots of people don’t like the details of his plan. But, one thing is for sure. There is an array of special interest groups that want “Obamacare”. Here is a list of some of those special interest groups.

(1) Labor unions that have contracts with the federal government or government industry contractors in the fields that now run the Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans health clinics. These unions would expand their membership and increase their union dues and other revenues under “Obamacare”. Also, these unions would increase their political power.

(2) Government industry contractors which sell or lease computer equipment, computer services, and satellite telephonic equipment or services to the federal government. It is computers and satellite telephonic equipment and services which are the backbone of the Medicare, Medicaid, and VA health clinic system.

Government contractors like General Electric, Westinghouse, and a few other companies are the main sources of computers and satellite telephonic equipment and services.

For your information, General Electric owns or controls the NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and other media companies. So, when MSNBC announcers like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann attack those who oppose “Obamacare”, they are really working to help “Obamacare” become law because their employer General Electric and other government industry contractors stand to gain billions of dollars in new government contracts and billions of dollars in new profit.

A few years ago, Westinghouse owned CBS. But, then, Westinghouse peeled away CBS and helped to create Viacom. There is still an “old boy” network of friendships and financial interests between Westinghouse and Viacom. Viacom owns or controls CBS, MTV, MTV2, VH1, BET, BET J, Nick At Night, TV LAND, Comedy Central, CMT, Spike TV, and other media properties.

General Electric and Westinghouse operate businesses in medical equipment and medical services. Westinghouse operates hospital services, too.

The main source of my information on these government industry contractors and their media interests is the “WHO OWNS WHAT” report at Columbia Journalism Review (www.cjr.org).

Big government industry contractors like big government because that is THE CUSTOMER of big government industry contractors. Big government industry contractors stand to gain billions of dollars if “Obamacare” becomes law.

(3) Homosexuals are a special interest group that supports “Obamacare”. Homosexual and promiscuous lifestyles often lead to “AIDS” and/or other sexually transmitted diseases. Treating these diseases is often expensive. Many insurance companies refuse to sell health insurance to those with the pre-existing condition of “AIDS” or other sexually transmitted diseases. “Obamacare” would shift costs of the expensive treatments for these diseases onto the general population – the taxpayers and the private insurance companies. Many people who have an insurance policy now may see their insurance premiums rise substantially once “Obamacare” forces everyone else to help pay for treatment of “AIDS” and other diseases for those who follow homosexual and/or promiscuous lifestyles. Homosexuals and homosexual interest groups contributed enormous amounts of money to the Obama presidential campaign.

(4) Illegal aliens are a special interest group that wants “Obamacare”. Many illegal aliens use other people’s social security number in their jobs. It gets messy when a medical service provider or health insurance company starts asking for verification of the identity of the patient because the social security number seems to indicate a different person. It’s not just the illegal aliens who are in the U.S. now who want “Obamacare”. If “Obamacare” passes, millions of really sick people and their families from other countries will flood the U.S. to get some free or cheap “Obamacare”. That just might break America’s health care system.

(5) Democrats who control local governments throughout the nation are a special interest group that wants “Obamacare”. In many places where Democrats control local government or state government, millions or billions of dollars are spent for medical care for the poor. In a recent news report, one county commissioner of my home county said that Lake County, Indiana – the county that borders Chicago – spends over one hundred million dollars per year on health care for the poor. “Obamacare” would shift most or all of these expenses onto the federal government. Millions or billions of dollars would become available to state or local governments that are controlled by Democrats. Those Democrats want to spend that money on other things.

There are other SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS that support “Obamacare”. But, this is a good list of the major ones.

© 2009 Woodrow Wilcox