By Woodrow Wilcox

  • Supporters accuse opponents of being “No-Nothings”.
    Typically, the side with less intelligence calls the other side names when they can’t think of logical reasons to help their side.  In this case, the supporters of the immigration bill started calling the opponents names.  So, it is clear that the supporters of the immigration bill have a hard time finding logical reasons to support the bill.
  • Supporters of the immigration reform bill completely ignore
    America’s history of screening immigrants.  Thousands of
    immigrants were admitted to America at Ellis Island, but thousands of applicants were rejected and returned to their native lands. Supporters want to legalize all the illegal immigrants before finding them and asking any questions to screen out the terrorists, the drug dealers, the violent criminals, and the criminally insane whom the supporters of the immigration bill hope will be their voting supporters.
  • Supporters of the immigration reform bill completely ignore the
    fact that thousands of illegal immigrants have come to this country from countries that have strong ties to terrorist states and terrorist organizations.  The supporters of the immigration reform bill assume that the illegal aliens from these countries are all “good guys”.
  • Supporters of the immigration reform bill want American employers to be able to hire as many illegal aliens as possible.  They hope that this will increase unemployment among voting American citizens.  Then, they will blame the high unemployment on conservatives who want to fence and guard the borders to protect our country.
  • Supporters of the immigration reform bill ignore the fact that
    unemployment among Americans with a high school education or less is 14% and that illegal aliens take jobs away from the most under educated and needy Americans. Often, the victims are African Americans who want to work but were denied work because an illegal alien was hired.
  • Supporters of the bill ignore the fact that many American
    employers are discriminating against American workers by preferring to hire illegal aliens or “guest workers” because the American employers have more leverage over the illegal aliens and “guest workers”. If the illegal aliens or “guest workers” complain to the employer or to a government official about being mistreated, not being paid overtime when it is legally required, unsafe working conditions, environmental violations by the employer or other matters, then the American employer can just claim that they are illegals and trouble makers so that the
    federal government will deport them.  In this way, American employers can get the illegal aliens and “guest workers” to keep their mouths shut.  American workers just don’t cooperate so much when asked to keep quiet.
  • Supporters can’t get it straight.  They claim that the
    bill’s opponents are against all immigrants.  That’s not so.
    The opponents are for legal immigration.  Opponents are against
    not screening the illegal aliens in our country already and leaving our borders wide open for more unscreened illegal aliens to come.
  • Supporters of the bill assume that if we just accept the illegal
    aliens that are already here, all our problems will go away.  The
    bill’s supporters are following the OSTRICH strategy of sticking the head in the sand and pretending that everything is fine.
  • Supporters of the bill want to insult millions of Americans who
    descended from immigrants who were screened before admittance. The supporters of the bill think that the illegal immigrants are so racially and culturally superior to past immigrants that the illegal aliens don’t need to be checked or screened before being accepted.
  • Supporters of the bill completely ignore that the lives of
    millions of Americans and legal aliens are at risk because illegal
    aliens have not been screened and our borders are still wide open for bringing weapon materials into our country for use by illegal aliens who hate our country and our people.

© 2007 and revised
© 2013 Woodrow Wilcox