10: Millions of Americans want to know what Hillary Clinton looks like in an orange prison jump suit.

9: Millions of Americans want Bill Clinton to get some female companionship – with his wife for a change.

8: Millions of coal miners want to give Hillary Clinton a chance to experience hard labor with a pick and shovel.

7: Millions of fracking oil workers want Hillary Clinton to be as fracking far away from the White House as possible.

6: Millions of NRA members want to target Hillary Clinton for indictment.

5: Its fun to see former Congressman Anthony Weiner keep coming up
in the news and in Hillary Clinton’s life.

4: The Clinton’s New York neighbors want Hillary and Bill to be at home together and free to throw wild neighborhood parties
with their speaking fee millions.

3: If Hillary and Bill get into the White House again, Hillary will be so busy that no White House intern will be safe from Bill Clinton.

2: If Hillary and Bill Clinton get in the White House again, they’ll have another chance to steal historic White House furniture just like they tried to do
the first time they lived there.

And the number 1 reason: If Hillary wins, she will order the FBI and Justice Department to stop investigating her so that she can start to really rake in the big bucks from her Wall Street millionaire friends and foreign special interests. Then, she’d really tell working Americans where to stick it.

© 2016 Woodrow Wilcox