Three major flaws are common in both the House and the Senate versions of the health care reform bill.

It penalizes people who don’t buy health insurance. Many young people are so healthy that they don’t buy health insurance until they get married or are in their mid-twenties. So, the proposed law will cost young people more money.

It gives tax credits to people and families that make $43,320 or less to help them pay for insurance. If someone is making less than that, then they are paying rather low taxes so that giving them a tax credit on their low taxes won’t help them much to pay an insurance bill. So, the proposed law will not make health insurance more affordable.

It cuts Medicare payments to hospitals and doctors. That is a disaster. Medicare payments from the federal government are already low. The only thing lower are the payments to hospitals and doctors in the Medicaid program. Those low payments in the Medicaid program cause many problems and drive up health care costs for those who have insurance. Many doctors will not take Medicaid patients because Medicaid does not even reimburse the doctor for the expenses of treating a patient. This drives Medicaid (poor) patients to hospital emergency rooms for doctor office level treatment. Treatment costs more at emergency rooms but Medicaid will not pay the hospitals enough to cover the costs of treatment. That is why doctors and hospitals have had to increase charges to patients who have insurance. The doctors and hospitals needed to recoup the costs that they lost in serving Medicaid patients. A major reason for rising health care costs has been bad and stupid policies of the federal government. Now, both the House and the Senate version of the new bill for health care reform propose to cause the same “NO DOCTOR AVAILABLE” problem for millions of senior citizens.

One doctor in my community has already stopped accepting Medicaid and Medicare patients because the government payments are too low and the government paperwork is too time consuming and costly. Another doctor friend told me that enrollment at his medical school alma mater is down because so many intelligent young people are discouraged that they would not be able to make a decent living in the future as doctors under an OBAMACARE SYSTEM.

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson voted for a health care reform bill after billions of extra dollars for Nebraska Medicaid were added to the bill. If that is in the final version of the bill, maybe millions of really sick and poor people will move to Nebraska.

Note: Woodrow Wilcox is the senior medical bill problem solver at Senior Care Insurance Services in Merrillville, Indiana. He has saved senior citizens over $700,000 by canceling wrongful medical bill charges that were caused by mistakes in the Medicare system.

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