By Woodrow Wilcox

Obama and his supporters want a single payer health care system. What’s wrong with that? Nothing – unless you are the ultimate payer.

Imagine going to a restaurant and that someone has agreed to pay for everything for the dinner party.

If you are a dinner guest, will you have a little more than what you really need?

If you are a dinner guest, will you stay after the dinner to help the host make sure that the bill is accurate and correct?

If you are the waiter or the restaurant owner, will you be tempted to “pad” the bill a bit?

Now, imagine that you are the ultimate payer. You get the bill. You can’t believe how big it is. Hey, isn’t anyone going to stay to help you make sure that everything on the bill is correct? Where are all the people that you treated to the dinner? Now, you are left to examine the bill without anyone to help you determine if it is an honest bill.

The restaurant manager is waiting. You have no option except to pay a bill that you really want to question. You have some doubts about what the bill states that you and your guests consumed. But, you have no means to question the bill effectively.

In a single payer health care system, first the government will pay, but ultimately, the taxpayers will pay.

So, why would anyone trust the federal government to operate a single payer system properly? The federal government can’t even operate the currently federally run Medicare, Medicaid, and VA health care systems properly. And, Obama and his allies want the federal government to take over the entire health care system? What are they on?

Medicaid is a budget buster or a real strain for many States. I just helped with a research project on Medicaid. Without giving the details that will be in the yet to be published study report, I can tell you that the Medicaid system hurts the poor, hurts the taxpayers, and hurts the health care system.

For over six years, I have helped senior citizens to cancel wrongful medical charges that are caused by mistakes at Medicare and the VA. I have saved senior citizens over $600,000. Based on the work that I’ve done, I estimate that Medicare Part A and Part B alone cause wrongful charges against senior citizens that are over one billion dollars per year.

Senior citizen veterans who are clients of the firm where I work come to me for help and I give it. I’ve written articles about their problems with the VA. I’ve even phoned VA officials in Washington, District of Corruption, to ask why they can’t seem to make things work to resolve the veterans’ problems with the system.

If Obama and his political allies start a new nationalized health care system, everyone in the nation will start to experience the problems that Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA systems now generate.

I don’t believe that Obama and his political allies really care about people’s health. I believe that they just want to have a big, ongoing “dinner party” and stick the taxpayers with the bill.

© 2009 Woodrow Wilcox