By Woodrow Wilcox

On Sunday, June 9, 2013, I attended an educational seminar at Temple Beth-El in Northbrook, Illinois. The event was sponsored by the Protect Our Heritage Educational Fund, Inc. which is based in Skokie, Illinois.

The guest speakers at the event were Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard in Washington and Jonathan Tobin of Commentary magazine in New York. At one point in the meeting, the speakers commented on how well a border fence had worked for Israel. Before the border fence was built and guarded, Hezbollah terrorists regularly crossed the border to bomb buses, schools, and wedding receptions in Israel. The border fence on Israel’s north border reduced the terrorism tremendously.

That comment struck a nerve with me. I have relatives and friends in southwestern states. I pay attention to news of the harm that unguarded borders and illegal immigrants cause. Some people who live near the border carry a gun with them when they walk from their house to their mail box to get their mail. They need the gun to protect themselves from violent illegal immigrants. Some parents hold a loaded gun while they stand guard as their children wait to get a ride on the school bus. The parents do that to protect their children from illegal immigrants who would attack, rob, or kidnap a school child.

Many illegal immigrants do not have honorable intentions toward America or Americans. They are here by the help of illegal “coyote” enterprises that are connected to drug and crime organizations. The cost to America and Americans of unfenced and unguarded borders is very high indeed.

I used to live in Las Vegas. That city has become notorious for being a place from which many cars are stolen and then driven across the border to Mexico to be retitled and sold. The same thing happens in all the Border States. When I visited California fifteen years ago, friends in the construction industry told me about construction equipment at worksites being stolen and taken across the border to Mexico. Construction equipment that cost an American company over a million dollars could be taken to Mexico and sold for $200,000 to be shipped to another country. The cross border theft of cars and equipment costs insurance companies and their customers millions of dollars per year.

Also, illegal immigrants cost Americans, time, trouble, and sometimes life. Recently, two men from Guatemala were arrested and charged with the burglary of over 20 homes in Lake County, Illinois. They told police that they were trying to get money to send to relatives in Guatemala. An illegal immigrant who ran a stop sign killed himself and three other people in a county near my home. A woman in California got a bill from the IRS for over two million dollars. She asked how she could owe that when she made less than $40,000 per year. The IRS said that she had not paid taxes on the income from the 85 jobs in 17 states that she had held for years. The woman hired an investigator who found that illegal aliens were buying her social security number from a vendor at a Texas flea market. Some bilingual clerks at hospitals and clinics have passed Medicare numbers of Americans to illegal immigrants so that their elderly relatives can get medical care. This pollutes the medical records of the real Medicare number holder. A friend who helps people to fight identity theft told me of the case of a woman in Ohio who went to the hospital after a car accident. Because her medical record was polluted, the hospital gave her two pints of the wrong type of blood. She died.

Millions or billions of dollars are being made by illegal enterprises from the open borders and illegal immigration trade. It is not just drug and smuggle money that is at issue. The top two ways that Mexico gets money from other countries are the sale of oil from Mexico and the wiring of money to Mexicans from their relatives in the U.S.A.

Could it be that some of the money being made from the open borders and illegal immigration trade is being sent to the campaign coffers of American politicians and to the bank accounts of lobbyists in Washington and state capitols to encourage a continuation of open borders and the profits that it brings? I believe that it is. If only the President, Senators, Congressmen, and lobbyists would care more about America and Americans than they care about the blood stained donations and fees that they get for keeping our borders unguarded and the illegal immigrants unscreened. Israeli leaders cared enough about Israelis and their safety to build and guard a border fence. If only American leaders would care enough about America and Americans to fund, build, and guard a border fence and screen every illegal alien. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Copyright 2013 Woodrow Wilcox