By Woodrow Wilcox

I just finished helping a senior citizen on Medicare and a Medicare supplement insurance policy clear up a $36 bill. But, last year, I helped the same client clear up a bill for $172.50. Over a two year period, that is an average savings for the client of $104.25.

I started to wonder if $104.25 might be close to a national average of what we could save senior citizens per year if Medicare worked properly. Unfortunately, Medicare does not work well and that is why so many senior citizens are victimized with “false bills”. “False bills” are ones that should have been paid and that would have been paid if Medicare worked properly.

In the past, I have helped widows clear up medical bills for their late husbands. In one case, I helped a widow to clear up over $9,000 of “false bills”. You can watch that client tell her story and tell how I helped her at my website www.woodrowwilcox.com.

To read some of my articles on Medicare problems and solutions, visit my website www.woodrowwilcox.com.

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