Recently, I attended a meeting at which representatives of 60 Plus warned how the “Obamacare” health reform law will hurt senior citizens all around America. The speakers were Zachary Voelz and Tom Grimes. Each works for 60 Plus which is based in Alexandria, Virginia. But, the speakers were from Indiana.

The 60 Plus organization (www.60plus.org) is a 501c4 organization which educates the public and lawmakers about issues that affect senior citizens. You may have seen a TV commercial about 60 Plus with the famous singer and actor Pat Boone as its spokesman.

There are so many things in the “Obamacare” law that are bad for senior citizens that the best way to learn about all the problems with it is to visit the website of 60 Plus to read the articles and watch the videos. But, the speakers explained several key problems with “Obamacare” and distributed literature to help the meeting attendees share the information with their friends.

One piece of literature from 60 Plus was entitled “Why the Affordable Care Act is a Bad Rx for Seniors”. It explained that $500 billion was cut from Medicare to spend on other things that don’t benefit senior citizens. It explained that the law puts a new tax on medical devices that senior citizens and handicapped people usually buy, and that the new medical device tax will cause almost 25,000 people to lose jobs at medical device manufacturers throughout America.

The “Obamacare” law established a new 15 member group named the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). It will start cutting Medicare costs (payments for medical services to seniors). The Congressional Budget Office concluded that IPAB with likely cut reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals. That would lead to fewer doctors and hospitals being willing to serve Medicare patients. The American Medical Association has urged Congress to eliminate the IPAB because it will lead to even more physicians refusing to serve Medicare patients.

For more information on the many ways that the “Obamacare” law hurts senior citizens who use Medicare, visit the 60 Plus website at www.60plus.org.

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