Best Inheritance Gift Is Freedom And Liberty

Many good people spend much time, money, and effort to make sure that they give their children or grandchildren an inheritance. But, they usually work to give a material inheritance. Isn’t the inheritance gift of FREEDOM AND LIBERTY much more valuable?

That is the concern of motion picture producer and director Aaron Russo. He is well known for his film and television work. He produced “The Rose” with Bette Midler and “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.

Aaron Russo’s new movie is “America: From Freedom To Fascism”. It will start in theaters on July 28 in or around Chicago, New York, Tampa, Austin, and Kansas City. The film gives Aaron Russo’s views on this subject. His film got a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.

As of yet, I have not seen the film. But, I have received calls and emails from friends who saw clips of the film and are anxious to see the entire film. These friends are a mix of conservatives, liberals, moderates, Democrats, Republicans, and independents. So, although I have not seen the film, I can confirm that there seems to be a wide appeal for it.

To learn more about Aaron Russo’s new film, visit At that website, you can check film clips, interviews, and other information about the film.

Since I have not yet seen the film, I can not say whether I agree or disagree with it or Aaron Russo’s opinions. But, I can say that I really admire Aaron Russo for bringing this matter to the attention of the public.

When I was in college, I read “The Road to Serfdom” by the Nobel Prize winning economist F.A. von Hayek. In that book, the distinguished economist explained how fascists and communists use and twist words and circumstances to push a society to accept totalitarian government at the expense of freedom and liberty. The book is required reading at many colleges for students of economics and political science.

If Aaron Russo’s film “America: From Freedom To Fascism” is as good as von Hayek’s book “The Road To Serfdom”, then maybe Aaron Russo will win a Nobel Prize.

Note: Woodrow Wilcox is a columnist from Indiana who works to help senior citizens.

© 2006 Woodrow Wilcox