Like the fascists of earlier times, GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender/Transvestite) supporters want to silence their critics. But, federal and state constitutional provisions for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and freedom of association protect those who believe that homosexual, bisexual, and transvestite life choices are evil, immoral, wrong, or negative in other ways.

The GLBT fascists seek to deny others (their critics) liberties and rights which are guaranteed to all citizens. If you don’t like the behavior of GLBT people, or you don’t want to associate with them, they label you unfairly as a “hater”. Their warped minds can’t reason well.

Freedom of association cuts both ways. When I choose to associate with people that I like, I am choosing not to associate with people that I don’t want to be near. It is my right to choose. I don’t want to be near people with behavior that I believe is rude, negative, distasteful, vile, or violent. I don’t need to hate those people. I just want to protect my family and me from people who have bad behavior patterns because I want to avoid the problems that those people could cause to my family or me. It is not hate of the GLBT people that causes me to want to avoid them, but love and my desire to avoid harm to my friends, my family, my relatives, and me that motivates me to prefer not to associate with GLBT people.

The GLBT people have chosen a behavior pattern which I find as negative. How often have people told you to avoid negative people? Race and often religion are the result of being born into a family. Discrimination against people for being born into a particular family should not be allowed. But GLBT people have chosen a behavior that they know many others do not like or approve. So, GLBT behavior is in the same category of negative behavior as drunkenness, smoking, rudeness, public cursing, illegal drug use, and violence against the innocent. It is a chosen behavior and everyone in our society has natural and constitutional rights to avoid association with GLBT people.
© 2016 Woodrow Wilcox