Letter To The Editor: RE: Film Indiana

I commend the students from Ball State University who produced videos that they hoped would lure media producers to Indiana as reported in The Times article “Selling NWI to Hollywood” (April 12, 2010).

But, bad Indiana laws defeat much of that purpose. For example, Indiana will give a tax break to production companies when hotel rooms are rented for 30 days or more. Some of my friends shot a feature film in the Tucson area in 17 days. Many times, I was an actor in a TV show or movie that was shot in Las Vegas in five to ten days. I was in several episodes of “Superboy” when it was shot at Universal Studios in Orlando. Each episode took about seven days to shoot.

To bring more movie, tv, and other media productions to Indiana, state laws must be changed drastically. Indiana must compete with other states for media productions. North Carolina gets more production work than any other states except California and New York. Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and other states are much more aggressive and successful at attracting this business than Indiana is.

I could make many suggestions that would help Indiana get more of this business. But, I’m not sure that any Indiana politicians would listen to me.

Woodrow Wilcox
Griffith, Indiana