By Woodrow Wilcox

Rushing a health care reform bill is a very bad idea.

Many things that are rushed are done poorly and do more harm than good in the long run.

Senator Harry Reid is trying to rush a health care reform bill during the holiday season. That is a very bad idea.

Democracy works best when legislators can consult their constituents and vice versa. This helps to refine proposals to render the greatest good with the least amount of problems and pain. That doesn’t happen when people are busy with holiday schedules.

A vote on any health care reform bill during the holiday season is at odds with good democratic process. So, delay a vote until at least February. This would allow the public to focus on the proposed law after the holidays and communicate their opinions and concerns to their elected representatives in a responsible and democratic way.

If the vote on health care is not delayed until February, then the proposed legislation will be scrutinized by only politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats. Without the input of the citizenry after the holiday season, the proposed law will not get the attention that it deserves. Delaying a senate vote on the proposed law is the best way to give democracy a chance to work for the people.

© 2009 Woodrow Wilcox