S. O. S.


By Woodrow Wilcox 

            On April 30, 2018, I wrote a letter to a client to explain how a policy of the Obama administration caused a balance due bill from a hospital for the senior.  The senior wanted to know why he owed something when he had both Medicare and a Medicare supplement insurance policy through our agency.  Here is part of the letter that I wrote to him to explain this. 

# # # 

            I received the document that you delivered and compared that to the hospital bill.  YOU SHOULD PAY THE BILL.  Medicare ruled that five items were not covered by Medicare under either Part A or Part B.  The items were SELF ADMINISTERED DRUGS (S.A.D.). 

            Under President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder redefined what medicines would and would not be covered under Medicare Part A and Part B when a senior citizen is in a hospital.  I have written on this subject several times.  A copy of my big article is enclosed.  I believe that this policy written under President Obama is totally unfair to seniors.  Unfortunately, I am unable to change federal government policy. 

            But, I can tell you that after you pay the bill and get a receipt which shows that it was for medicines while in a hospital, then I could help you to apply to your Medicare Part D policy insurance company for a partial reimbursement of those funds. 

# # #

             The help that I gave this client was FREE OF CHARGE.  This agency cares about our senior citizen clients and we “go the extra mile” to help them.  But, we are unable to change federal government policies that hurt senior citizens.


 © Woodrow Wilcox 2018