By Woodrow Wilcox

A widow who is a client of our insurance agency phoned me on February 28, 2014. She reported that the Social Security Administration had “killed” her.

Recently, her husband passed away. She went to a local Social Security office to inform them of her husband’s passing. An employee asked for her husband’s identification information and for her identification information because she was the informer. She provided what the Social Security employee requested.

A few weeks later, she got a letter that was addressed to her family which stated that they were discontinuing her Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage because they learned that SHE – THE WIDOW – WAS DEAD!

Someone at the Social Security Administration recorded in its records that BOTH the deceased husband and the very living widow were dead. The error by one or more federal government employees has taken the widow weeks to work to fix. It seems that there is no systematic way for correcting a mistake like that by a federal employee. It seems that no one in the federal government can imagine a federal employee ever making a mistake.

It is easy for the widow to imagine that a federal employee could make a mistake. It is easy for me to imagine that, too. Is it easy for you to imagine that?

Note: Woodrow Wilcox is the senior medical bill case worker at Senior Care Insurance Services in Merrillville, Indiana. He has saved clients of that firm over one million dollars by correcting medical bill errors that were caused by mistakes in the Medicare system. He wrote the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ (

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