A Special Gift Idea

Some gifts are funny. Some gifts are cute. Some gifts are cheap. But, some gifts increase in value with time. I believe that the best gifts to give are those that increase in value. I have a gift suggestion for seniors.

Give the gift of a personal history or a family history to your loved ones. Let’s face it. None of us will live forever. Our experiences and knowledge will pass with us unless we do something about it.

Many young people know how to handle a computer better than most senior citizens. It is now rather easy to record a senior citizen talking, and then edit the recording to make a CD or DVD from a computer. If a video is produced, then digital images of pictures, diplomas, certificates, or other items can be edited into the final version to illustrate what the person who is speaking is describing.

I believe that this would be a great project for grandparents to do with grandchildren who know how to use a computer in this way. The time spent by a young person to help a grandparent to record and preserve a life story would be very meaningful for both of them. A little video clip of the grandparent with the grandchild who helped would be especially meaningful to the grandchild as time progresses.

If you don’t have someone in your family with superb computer skills, then I suggest that you employ the services of a member of the Wedding Event Videographers Association. These are professionals who can videotape and edit your life story. W.E.V.A. is an international organization that promotes professional standards and valuable service to its members’ clients. W.E.V.A. conducts seminars, meetings, and a national convention to educate its members about equipment, techniques, and customer service that will create a win-win situation for both the videographer and the client.

W.E.V.A. videographers can help with creating video histories of people, clubs, churches, schools, businesses, political candidates, meetings, and other events or projects. The W.E.V.A. videographers that I have met have impressed me with being especially dedicated to creating wonderful videos of weddings and other family events. The W.E.V.A. videographers believe that a wedding video should be great now and great in the future. When the wedding couple faces tough times, as all couples do, the wedding video can help the couple to remember all the wonderful, loving feelings that they have for each other so that it is easier to get through a tough time and preserve the marriage. Oh, sure, you could get an uncle to video tape your wedding. But, believe me, you and your uncle will enjoy the wedding and the wedding video more if you use a W.E.V.A. member videographer to perform that task. To find a videographer who is a member of W.E.V.A. visit www.weva.com and click “Find a Videographer”.

Whether you use a relative or a professional videographer to help you, any life story preservation gift will be a gift that increases in value over time. Family members who have not yet started their lives will be able to benefit from your life story because you took steps to share it with them. What a wonderful gift to give to your loved ones!

© 2009 Woodrow Wilcox