By Woodrow Wilcox

A few years ago, I was a dinner guest in the home of some friends in the Miller section of Gary, Indiana. During my visit, the hostess told me that she believed that many urban politicians, including African American politicians, promoted political policies that they knew would increase or perpetuate poverty among African Americans.

My friend explained that she believed the politicians wanted to perpetuate poverty among African Americans in urban areas so that the politicians could CONTROL AFRICAN AMERICANS and continue to seek and get federal and state money for various projects that they claimed would fight poverty. She then recited to me a number of news articles which reported the profiteering of African American political leaders from various government programs.

I agreed with my hostess. Then, I told her about Star Parker and her organization – the Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education (C.U.R.E.). You can check on Star Parker and “CURE” by visiting

Star Parker is a woman with an amazing story. She was on welfare. But, with great personal resolve, she escaped the welfare state to make a new life for herself. Now, she writes and speaks around the nation to enlighten people and encourage others to escape subservient status under government welfare programs.

You may have seen Star Parker as a regular commentator on C-Span, MSNBC, and Fox News. You may have read one of Star Parker’s weekly columns which are delivered for use to over 400 newspapers around the world by Scripps Howard News Service. She was a regular guest on “Politically Incorrect” and a co-host on “The View”.

In Star Parker’s books, the negative impact of government welfare programs and the virtues of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-work attitudes are plainly stated and discussed. The three books written by Star Parker are “Pimps, Whores, and Welfare Brats” (1996), “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” (2003), and “White Ghetto” (2006). Check for these books at your local library or bookstore. Each of these books is a good read.

For more information about Star Parker and C.U.R.E., visit

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