By Woodrow Wilcox
Remember the medical technology on the “Star Trek” television shows? The doctor just waved an instrument at the wound and the patient got better.

Fox News reported on a new technology that about 500 doctors in the country are using to reduce pain and help the body to heal faster. Also, the technology is used to help professional athletes and valuable horses to recover from injury or physical stress more quickly. And the technology is now available in northwest Indiana.

The system is called PEMF therapy. “PEMF” stands for “pulsed electro-magnetic field”. It uses strong magnetic fields to help body tissue heal faster. Although the technology is being used in a limited way, it has not yet been approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.)

To learn more about PEMF therapy technology, visit the website To learn why owners of valuable horses are using the technology to help their horses, visit

The only person that I could locate for teaching and demonstrating this technology in northwest Indiana was Michelle Mostert of Dyer.

“PEMF therapy can be used on smaller animals, also,” Michelle Mostert stated.

I don’t really know how it works or what its limitations are. But, I did challenge Michelle Mostert to use PEMF technology on my right elbow. That elbow was injured 14 years ago and was giving me a lot of pain recently. After only one treatment that lasted less than six minutes, the pain in that elbow was greatly reduced and stayed reduced during the week between the treatment and my writing of this article.

So, if you or someone you love has a nagging pain, check the websites or contact Michelle Mostert to learn more about PEMF therapy technology.

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