I help seniors by fighting mistakes and fraud in the Medicare system. I’ve done that for over a dozen years. I do it well. In the first seven and a half years of doing that work, I saved the senior citizen clients of the insurance agency where I work over one million dollars. To help other people learn how to help seniors this way, I wrote the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$.

I don’t tell you this to boast. I tell you this so that you will know that I am very familiar with the Medicare system. I want you to take what I state here very seriously. The Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress who support him and the Obamacare law are OBAMACARE DEMOCRATS ROBBING SENIORS.

Don’t think that I am a Republican just giving you a propaganda pitch. I am a Democrat explaining how the current leaders of the Democratic Party are OBAMACARE DEMOCRATS ROBBING SENIORS. The current leaders are not like the old Democrats John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Senator “Scoop” Jackson. Those Democrats respected and supported senior citizens, our constitution and constitutional rights, our veterans, and our current men and women in uniform. The current leaders of the Democratic Party are nothing like those old Democrats.

I’m explaining this because I want you to understand the distinctions. I am an American first and a Democrat second. I care about America’s senior citizens more than I care about any political party, any political candidate, or any political agenda. Because I am very familiar with how President Obama, his administration, and the Democrats who supported Obamacare have been OBAMACARE DEMOCRATS ROBBING SENIORS, I believe that I am the most qualified person to explain it from the standpoint of a person who helps seniors with Medicare related problems.

In Obama’s first year of office, his Attorney General Eric Holder started rewriting definitions for Medicare about when a senior citizen in a hospital should be considered “in-patient” or “out-patient”. Doctors and hospitals must use the definitions and rules given by the federal government or they will not be paid anything by Medicare.

In a “nutshell”, here is the extremely significant change in Medicare rules from the new definitions. When a senior is an “in-patient”, Medicare Part A helps with medicines taken in a hospital. When a senior is in a hospital (even overnight) but classified as an “out-patient”, Medicare Part B rules and Medicare pays for no medicines. This change in rules to redefine “in-patient” and “out-patient” pushed the cost of billions of dollars of medicine for seniors off the federal government and onto the backs of senior citizens in hospitals. The big medicine bills alone could cause a senior to have a heart attack. One of our clients was released from a hospital and received a bill for over $7,000 of Medicare denied prescription medicine charges.

No system was put into place for hospitals to simply bill the senior citizen’s Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for the medicine. Instead, hospitals billed seniors for “SELF-ADMINISTERED DRUGS”. This forced hospitals to pay for prescription medicines on the open market and pass the costs onto the senior citizen patients. Medicare and hospitals told seniors that they first had to pay the medicine bill and then apply to their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for a partial refund. This involved a lot of paper work that few senior citizens were prepared or able to handle. Those who did do the paperwork discovered that their Part D prescription drug plans punished them for not buying prescription drugs through the Part D plan’s preferred vendors and for other reasons.

This change in the rules about seniors on Medicare in a hospital and prescription medicines cost seniors billions of dollars and enriched major drug manufacturers billions of dollars every year since Obama and his Obamacare supporting Democrats became OBAMACARE DEMOCRATS ROBBING SENIORS.

President Obama and the Democrats who supported the Obamacare law courted the big prescription drug manufacturers to support and lobby for the Obamacare law.

In 2008, Obama promised that his administration would be the most transparent in history. He lied. He delivered exactly the opposite by making “back room deals” to get Obamacare passed.

The June 11, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that new information about the push for Obamacare revealed that Obama made a “back room deal” with major prescription drug companies. In exchange for those big drug companies lobbying for Obamacare, Obama agreed to some special provisions in the Obamacare bill that would enrich the big drug companies at the expense of the general public that needs and buys prescription drugs. Seniors use prescription drugs (legally) more than any other group of citizens.

Obama is a “back room deals” politician from Chicago. Obama and his allies Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would not listen to the public and did not let the Congress and the public read and comment on the final version of the Obamacare bill before the Congress voted on it. It was the most secretive and undemocratically passed law in American history.

Recall that then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told members of the House of Representatives that “we’ll learn what’s in the bill after we vote for it.”

Nancy Pelosi told the public and other Democrats in Congress that the Obamacare law would cut Medicare benefits funding by half a trillion dollars. But, she was slightly wrong. After studying the effects of Obamacare on Medicare for two years, the Congressional Budget Office declared in July 2012 that Obamacare cut Medicare funding by over $716 billion dollars.

So, every Democrat who voted for Obamacare cooperated with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to cut Medicare funding by hundreds of billions of dollars. They just didn’t know how many hundreds of billions of dollars. That was just a little detail to them. But, it is a big detail to senior citizens who use Medicare.

After Obama policies and Obamacare went into effect, many senior citizen clients of the insurance agency where I work started having new problems with medical bills. One Greek American who lives in Crown Point, Indiana brought a medical bill to me. He wanted to know why he paid very little for hospital visits in the past but now had a hospital bill over $3,000 for a two day stay and he had not changed his Medicare related insurance policy.

His problem was that after the new rules went into effect under President Obama and Eric Holder, the new “in-patient” versus “out-patient” definitions affected his hospital bill. Under the old system, his bill balance would have been about $500 and most or all of that would have been paid by the Medicare related insurance policy that he bought through our insurance agency. But, after the rule change, he got a bill for over $3, 000. Since Medicare would not help him pay this, his insurance policy would not either because a Medicare related medical insurance policy depends on Medicare rules. The only thing that Obama policies and Obamacare did for this senior citizen client was remove lots of money from the senior’s bank account.

I explained to him that I am very good at helping our clients to find and correct mistakes or fraud in Medicare related medical bills. But, I am unable to help when the bill is caused by a change in federal government policy. He accepted this explanation and did not hold it against me for not being able to help him reduce the bill. In fact, he invited me to attend his family’s Easter celebration at his home. It was a great event. I was humbled by his kindness to me. I wished that I could have helped him with that medical bill, but I could not.

I saw a television news report in which Hillary Clinton said that she is proud of the Obamacare law and will defend it. She can’t be proud of Obamacare and care anything about America’s senior citizens at the same time. That’s impossible. I don’t see how she can be proud of Obamacare at all.

Is she proud that the Obamacare law forced tens of thousands of sick children to lose their health insurance in the fall of 2010 during the beginning of Obamacare?

Is she proud that the Obamacare law forced thousands of labor union retirees to lose their hard won union contract prescription drug coverage in 2010?

Is she proud that the Obamacare law included language that enriched prescription drug companies by billions of dollars while costing seniors and other sick Americans billions of dollars more?

When Democrats in the Senate and the House voted for Obamacare, they voted to cut Medicare benefits for senior citizens by over $716 billion. It was NOT the Republicans who pushed millions of senior citizens off a financial cliff. It was the Democrats! All the Democrats in the Senate and all but 39 Democrats in the House voted to cut Medicare funding in order to spend money on other things like health insurance coverage for millions of illegal aliens.

Only 39 Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against Obamacare. They defied President Obama and the leaders of the Democratic Party in the Senate and the House because they believed that the Obamacare law would be bad medicine for America. They were the only Democrats who were not “in” on the backroom deals that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi made with various special interests groups who sought to gain power and profit at the expense of the American people. No Republican voted for Obamacare.

The Democrats and Republicans who voted against Obamacare did not know what was in the final version of the bill. But, they had seen enough problems from the earlier versions to know that it would be bad for America.

Nancy Pelosi did her best to hide the facts of the Obamacare law from the Congress and the voters. She said, “We’ll have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it – away from the fog of the controversy.”

All the other Democrats in the House and Senate voted for Obamacare. They can’t be trusted. They did not insist on reading the final version of the law before the vote. They did not insist that the public be allowed time to read it and advise elected representatives what they thought of the proposed law. That short circuited the constitutional system of allowing the voters and their elected representatives the opportunity to consult each other for careful consideration of proposed laws.

The Democrats who voted for Obamacare can’t be trusted because they lied when they took the oath of office and swore to protect our constitution and our constitutional rights against all enemies. They lied because they did not even bother to check the Obamacare law for possible violations of constitutional rights. That was irresponsible.

Imagine what would happen if a man came home to his wife and said, “Honey, our worries are over. I just signed a contract that will take care of us for the rest of our lives.”

“Really? What did the contract say, dear?” the wife would ask.

“I don’t know. The salesman told me that it would do wonderful things for us. So, I signed it,” the man would answer.

“You mean that you did not even bother to read it before you signed it?” the wife would respond.

“Well, no. I just trusted the salesman,” the man would answer.

“Fool!” the wife would indignantly and rightfully shout.

Remember some of the lines of the sales pitch for Obamacare?

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

Politifact.com gave this claim by President Obama the “Lie of the Year” award.

Also, Obama promised that the Obamacare law would “cut the cost of a typical family’s health insurance premium by up to $2,500 a year.”

Did the Obamacare sales pitch lines come true for you? Probably not.

There were two kinds of Democrats who voted for Obamacare. The first group was the Democrats who knew about the backroom deals to enrich big drug companies and other special interests. The second group was the Democrats who were irresponsible fools that fell for a slick sales pitch. Every Democrat who voted for Obamacare was either deliberately dishonest with the voters or irresponsible to the voters. You can’t trust either the dishonest ones or the irresponsible ones. They just can’t be trusted by any voter who has a brain and love for our country and its people.

Let me give you just one example of how badly the Obamacare law was written. It literally let the federal government re-establish slavery in America. No, it did not re-establish the slavery of the past. It established a new slavery in which the federal government was the master. It required doctors, nurses, and other health care workers to participate in abortions even if their conscience or religious beliefs prohibited them from helping with abortion. Free labor has the right to refuse to do something that is against the worker’s conscience. Slaves do not have that right. The Obamacare law promoted and legalized this kind of slavery of medical workers. The Obamacare law is a pro-slavery law.

And, what about the extremely bad attitude toward seniors that the Obamacare supporting Democrats adopted? If a person mugs and robs a senior citizen, I consider that person to be evil. What would you think of someone who mugged and robbed a senior citizen from your family or neighborhood? Wouldn’t you regard such a person as evil? How much more should we regard as evil a group of people who conspire to lie and cheat in order to mug and rob millions of senior citizens of billions of dollars?

There are many other problems with the Obamacare law and with Obama’s policies that hurt senior citizens. In many ways, the Obamacare law was like a school term paper that was written the night before the due date because it has an abundance of sloppy writing and sloppy thinking.

In this article, I have limited my discussion to those areas with which I am most familiar and which I can describe easily. I’ll let other people with other areas of expertise describe other problems with Obamacare.

Obama and the current leaders of the Democratic Party have become OBAMACARE DEMOCRATS ROBBING SENIORS. I hope that all Americans who want to honor, respect, and be kind to our senior citizens will join me in calling attention to this folly of the current leaders of the Democratic Party. Only 39 Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against Obamacare. Those Democrats have character and integrity. Even if you might disagree with them at times, it is clear that these 39 Democrats can be trusted to use their brains and their hearts when deciding how to vote. The rest of the Democrats in the Senate and the House voted for Obamacare and can’t be trusted because they are either deceivers or irresponsible fools. They are the OBAMACARE DEMOCRATS ROBBING SENIORS.

The big question is this: Who will be the next victims of these OBAMACARE DEMOCRATS ROBBING SENIORS?

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