By Woodrow Wilcox

I attended a conference of online journalists in January of 2013 near Washington, D.C. I met journalists from all over the country. We shared information and techniques so that all of us could be better journalists.

While driving on the long trip home, I had time to reflect on what other journalists had told me. I realized that if I pieced together information from the meeting and elsewhere, I could explain how OPEN BORDERS PROMOTE DRUGS AND SLAVERY.

No one journalist, instructor, or conversation revealed this to me. I have not been to the border with Mexico recently to verify what other reporters told me. But, the journalists with whom I met had no financial or other interest to lie to me. Here is what I realized.

The criminal enterprises that use the open, unguarded borders of the U.S. do not use them for only one criminal enterprise – getting paid to take illegal aliens across the border into the U.S. The criminal enterprises want to make money in many ways with the open borders. Using illegal aliens as “mules” to bring illegal drugs across the border is another way that the criminals make a profit.

But, the criminal enterprises promote the slavery of young girls as prostitutes, too. Many of the girls come from Guatemala and other Central American countries. They are brought to the U.S. to be sex slave prostitutes for the criminal groups that are making money from the open borders with the U.S. If a young girl, or another immigrant, refuses to act as a “mule” to carry drugs across the border or refuses to become a prostitute, the immigrant is killed by the criminals. That is one of the reasons that so many people are found murdered in Mexico near the U.S. border.

The open borders of the U.S. don’t just allow illegal aliens to enter our country. The open borders allow illegal aliens who are agents of foreign criminal enterprises to enter our country and promote illegal drugs and the slavery of young girls as prostitutes. OPEN BORDERS PROMOTE DRUGS AND SLAVERY.

© 2013 Woodrow Wilcox